Forever 19 (for a dear friend) I love ya!

Beautiful woman, you’ve come so far;
In your heart shines a star, lives a world you create.
Soft soul, in your pain you will grow, life will flow.
Out of your element you travel, your faith unraveled for now.
A teacher of the children, all you are given, is all you are.
When you look in their faces, open to the traces of wonder and truth.
They will find this through you, all that you do, all that you share.
Honest and fair of spirit, many can hear it, open up and see.
When tears must fall, when the journey takes a toll on your will;
Lift your hands to the sky, let the moments die, break and bleed, simply be.
When you find solid ground, stand and look around,
All that surrounds you is from your creation.
Fear is sensation, not dilation of inner truth.
One step at a time, we must learn to climb slowly.
Let your mind be still, do not search for answers;
This causes chaos and drains you.
Take no serious action, just breathe and observe your reaction to the moment.
This is your time, to end the crying, to end the fight with the past.
Live in the now, the present is how you break free.
I believe in you, and all you will be.

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