Serve In Stillness

Where is my life of service I ask?
In the mountains? Rivers? Tranquil land?
Where are thy hands and heart – ambassadors of my soul?
In paradise?
This is not so.
I will be still behind chaos, love within pain, reach into sickness;
Stand with the frail.
In the last moments of the journey, hand in hand, without fear; I will share with them the beauty of returning home.
My soul in prayer, no one will leave this life alone.
Stillness is not found in ocean, true benediction is found in the stillness of love.
Love is not a sanctuary, it is being, it is present, it is healing.
Why then, would thy heart travel oceans and quiet forests, sit on rolling hills and under the sky?
You will not find me meditating under a tree, there is not a moment of breath I shall spend trying to be in the silence of self.
I see nature in others, I experience light in the eyes of starvation, grace in the meek, creation in the broken and diseased.
I ask you, where is the stillness of service to humanity?
When you open your soul and share it with them.

You Foolish Girl

Was like slow motion, the dream of the day, he laughed at her confusion, there was nothing to say.
Foolish girl, what games you play; did you really believe we would meet one day?
In the moment of silence, from her heart without fear, she whispered yes, she’d been waiting for years.
I’ve got everything I desire, everything I need, you foolish girl have nothing for me.
In the space of belief, she wandered the sky, but the words would not flow, only tears spilled her eyes.
She was trying to make something, from a life that had change;
A Mother, she knew she could do it someway.
I’m no beauty or mastermind with a house on hill.
I have children and love and a very strong will.
I believe in humanity, I come from the light,
My soul is a fire as I am guided through the night.
I hold out my hands in honest belief, not looking for a savior,
Not searching for a truth.
I found everything in you.
Foolish girl, impossible dreams, go on with your life, forget about me.
She tried you see, but the love never leaves.

Wake Up!

Wake up!
God is not going to feed the hungry,
Christ is not going to stop the spread of disease.
Buddha cannot stop war, or suffering.
This is why humans bleed.
Why do we not see? Take responsibility!
This will never end, until we stop separating our existence.
Life is not utter bliss, it makes no sense.
If you live in a space of denial, the trials keep forming.
Look directly at the hungry, why are they starving?
The answer is sharing, feed them, teach them, BE them.
It cannot be just one, WE are a whole, all must see to heal humanity.
No matter what the cause, the suffering is all the same, no one’s pain is greater.
All the praying cannot stop disease, it’s the duty of you and me;
Not until we live as unity will the world be free.
God is the lost, the broken, trying to open your soul.
Christ was the prophet from a time much different, the light of his teachings are still with us, but live in THIS moment.
It’s there to guide us, but how can we learn and observe if we live out of the moment?
No where is it said, the prophets would stop coming, they are surrounding us everywhere.
In the worlds beyond here, in our breath, in nature, in stillness. Listen!
Wake up!
Shift the focus, not into gain, self serving ‘things’, see how we affect the other beings, just by feeling and healing.
Stop the madness of holy wars, dividing the land over ancient scores of hate and envy.
Stop the journey in blindness, be the witness of change.
It’s not about religion, it’s not about faith, it’s about knocking down the walls we create.
We are all the same, we are ALL to blame.
Love is the only way through, it’s in me and you.
Shine from the place in your heart, that touches the stars!
Lets hold each others hand, journey out of this mind frame;
It can be so amazing.
We fall because we strive, for an ideal life, but the beauty in simplicity gets lost in money, objects and security.
Things that vanish, things that never keep.
Be free, let go of these,
Wake up, and believe!

Will She Fall (erotic poem)

Challenge me, scarlet beauty;
Your laughter makes my skin rise and fall.
One moment you pull and push my weakness;
In the next, you say nothing at all.
Sometimes, I’m not sure how to take you;
If I taste you, will I break you?
How deep will she fall?
Feed my wonder;
Find my twist,
Mind over matter,
I’ll ask you this;
Would you have me crawl?
Would you have me beg?
Just to taste between your legs?
You wicked thing, your sweetness stings.
Feed my night with astral dreams.
You and I, entwined in fire,
Dripping, feasting, liquid desire.
Wrap your lips around my tongue, Slide down my body;
Make me cum.
Don’t be cruel and tease anymore.

A Childs Plea

I wish I could say “I love you“.
Wish I could say “I know you”
Wish I knew where you were all these years,
But life cannot always show you.
Did you ever want to know me?
Wish I could make you see,
Daddy, is just a name I’ll call you,
Not something you’ll ever be.

Welcome Home

So the years passed, solitude grasped strong,
What went wrong with all we knew?
A small glimpse into the future, painted this visions morbid clues.
Anger and bitter took hold, like a puzzle to unfold, you look drawn and old.
All those dreams and bigger then life schemes escaped the light of truth.
All this time, from behind your reach, was the purpose of living.
So it goes, the time on earth went cold;
How we tried to lift your glow, feed your flow,
Break the chains you bound on your soul,
But you’d never let go.
What mirror did you shatter, to get to the heart of the matter and forget how you got here?
In a place before time, scrolled in the universal mind is your calling.
What you wanted to learn, to explore and become was all in your eyes.
In the deepest of breath, a fusion of man and mortality collided.
Behold the birth of a child, in the womb of unconditional love, you paved a path.
The voice of the angels guided you from the angles and whispers your existence calls sound.
Such glory was given to you, the heavens understand, the journey and world you seek as man.
Courage and beauty is the never ending fire, it never goes out.
When there was doubt, fear, sadness and greed, the pain came as a blessing to align you with freedom, but you never seen it.
The time has come, to return to the source, still on course with the moment, softly, we join you here.
All to be known comes through you in gold, halos and prisms of light bring you on.
Now you are ONE, WE are the sun;
Unification, there is no separation, utter love.
All is now clear, you feel it everywhere, how perfection of NOW is all that really mattered.
Vision come from within and expands as you become everything and nothing, completely still yet reaching every dimension.
You are now creation, it was always so, but as the whole, WE welcome you home.

**Note** Inspired by an atheist

The Tree

In the wind of clarity, in the filed of dreams,
To the sky, reach the tree, of wisdom and unity.
Bend do the branches in the wayward breeze,
Outlined by light and possibility.
In the distance, it’s essence, shades the will of man,
In the presence, it’s silent, and one with the land.
What was once a seed, drank the rain and the sun,
With creation’s inspiration it’s journey begun.
Years brought the roots growing deep in the earth,
So the tree could stand tall and withstand seasons turn.
Under the green, the stories unfold,
The children, the lovers, the lonely and old.
Memories carved in the trunk by the sunset;
Raindrops kept wayward from birds nesting in it.
Many years pass, yet the tree grows not weary,
Majestic and magic with the wisdom of the elders.
On came the winter, the tree stood so bare, stripped naked in purity as man is in prayer.
Spring brought rebirth graced by Mother earth,
Summer was thriving like heaven’s hands.
Autumn was change as the leaves fell down,
Like surrendering sorrows in the tears without sound.
We are nature, our lives always grow,
The tree of life bares the fruits of our souls.

Be Love

When we love, it is not one dimension,
There is a wholeness, a balance of being.
Love as a moment of convergence with our being and the being of another, who is sharing this in wholeness.
Not to acquire on them with our eyes, not to become their space, not to bring them into ours. To love them as we experience creation and breath within and throughout us.
To love is not to ask or expect, to love is not within a measure of time. To love is awareness and experience fully direct life, heart, soul, breath, energy, compassion, vibration, inspiration, presence of light and peace within each other. We do not need to be in the same room to love like this, but within the same understanding of love.
This is boundless and endless, it heals and understands stillness. There is not intent, it just is.
Love is how we exist in the here and now. Love is freedom to see the truth within us and in others because it is pure.
Love does not have motivation other then its self.
Falling in love is the motion of all love is.
Then true love is the stillness of the mind to let the heart and soul be truth, shine, and return to the source of love; that which is everything.

I Love You

Inside my soul is reeling, I cannot stop these feelings;

It hit me like a wave of creation, a strong vibration, pure elation.

You’re everything I ever dreamed, your creative light poured through my life.

Could this be real? How can I feel this love?

Words are never enough to tell you so, I believe, I know from my soul.

I can feel it pure, now I journey whole.

Everything you are, takes me out of the dark, there is no fear in my heart.

Your smile makes me soar, beyond this door is the real world.

In this love I see everything, a greater way of living, a healing.

This is not just a feeling, it’s my truth.

I would survive this all again to be with you.

If it takes me a thousand years, to just be near somehow,

I will find my will and hold on.

Like the rays from the sun,  heaven-sent and cherished, you’re the only one I felt like this;

I give you my promise, of unconditional love.