Be Love

When we love, it is not one dimension,
There is a wholeness, a balance of being.
Love as a moment of convergence with our being and the being of another, who is sharing this in wholeness.
Not to acquire on them with our eyes, not to become their space, not to bring them into ours. To love them as we experience creation and breath within and throughout us.
To love is not to ask or expect, to love is not within a measure of time. To love is awareness and experience fully direct life, heart, soul, breath, energy, compassion, vibration, inspiration, presence of light and peace within each other. We do not need to be in the same room to love like this, but within the same understanding of love.
This is boundless and endless, it heals and understands stillness. There is not intent, it just is.
Love is how we exist in the here and now. Love is freedom to see the truth within us and in others because it is pure.
Love does not have motivation other then its self.
Falling in love is the motion of all love is.
Then true love is the stillness of the mind to let the heart and soul be truth, shine, and return to the source of love; that which is everything.

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