I Love You

Inside my soul is reeling, I cannot stop these feelings;

It hit me like a wave of creation, a strong vibration, pure elation.

You’re everything I ever dreamed, your creative light poured through my life.

Could this be real? How can I feel this love?

Words are never enough to tell you so, I believe, I know from my soul.

I can feel it pure, now I journey whole.

Everything you are, takes me out of the dark, there is no fear in my heart.

Your smile makes me soar, beyond this door is the real world.

In this love I see everything, a greater way of living, a healing.

This is not just a feeling, it’s my truth.

I would survive this all again to be with you.

If it takes me a thousand years, to just be near somehow,

I will find my will and hold on.

Like the rays from the sun,  heaven-sent and cherished, you’re the only one I felt like this;

I give you my promise, of unconditional love.

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