The Tree

In the wind of clarity, in the filed of dreams,
To the sky, reach the tree, of wisdom and unity.
Bend do the branches in the wayward breeze,
Outlined by light and possibility.
In the distance, it’s essence, shades the will of man,
In the presence, it’s silent, and one with the land.
What was once a seed, drank the rain and the sun,
With creation’s inspiration it’s journey begun.
Years brought the roots growing deep in the earth,
So the tree could stand tall and withstand seasons turn.
Under the green, the stories unfold,
The children, the lovers, the lonely and old.
Memories carved in the trunk by the sunset;
Raindrops kept wayward from birds nesting in it.
Many years pass, yet the tree grows not weary,
Majestic and magic with the wisdom of the elders.
On came the winter, the tree stood so bare, stripped naked in purity as man is in prayer.
Spring brought rebirth graced by Mother earth,
Summer was thriving like heaven’s hands.
Autumn was change as the leaves fell down,
Like surrendering sorrows in the tears without sound.
We are nature, our lives always grow,
The tree of life bares the fruits of our souls.

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