Welcome Home

So the years passed, solitude grasped strong,
What went wrong with all we knew?
A small glimpse into the future, painted this visions morbid clues.
Anger and bitter took hold, like a puzzle to unfold, you look drawn and old.
All those dreams and bigger then life schemes escaped the light of truth.
All this time, from behind your reach, was the purpose of living.
So it goes, the time on earth went cold;
How we tried to lift your glow, feed your flow,
Break the chains you bound on your soul,
But you’d never let go.
What mirror did you shatter, to get to the heart of the matter and forget how you got here?
In a place before time, scrolled in the universal mind is your calling.
What you wanted to learn, to explore and become was all in your eyes.
In the deepest of breath, a fusion of man and mortality collided.
Behold the birth of a child, in the womb of unconditional love, you paved a path.
The voice of the angels guided you from the angles and whispers your existence calls sound.
Such glory was given to you, the heavens understand, the journey and world you seek as man.
Courage and beauty is the never ending fire, it never goes out.
When there was doubt, fear, sadness and greed, the pain came as a blessing to align you with freedom, but you never seen it.
The time has come, to return to the source, still on course with the moment, softly, we join you here.
All to be known comes through you in gold, halos and prisms of light bring you on.
Now you are ONE, WE are the sun;
Unification, there is no separation, utter love.
All is now clear, you feel it everywhere, how perfection of NOW is all that really mattered.
Vision come from within and expands as you become everything and nothing, completely still yet reaching every dimension.
You are now creation, it was always so, but as the whole, WE welcome you home.

**Note** Inspired by an atheist

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