Wake Up!

Wake up!
God is not going to feed the hungry,
Christ is not going to stop the spread of disease.
Buddha cannot stop war, or suffering.
This is why humans bleed.
Why do we not see? Take responsibility!
This will never end, until we stop separating our existence.
Life is not utter bliss, it makes no sense.
If you live in a space of denial, the trials keep forming.
Look directly at the hungry, why are they starving?
The answer is sharing, feed them, teach them, BE them.
It cannot be just one, WE are a whole, all must see to heal humanity.
No matter what the cause, the suffering is all the same, no one’s pain is greater.
All the praying cannot stop disease, it’s the duty of you and me;
Not until we live as unity will the world be free.
God is the lost, the broken, trying to open your soul.
Christ was the prophet from a time much different, the light of his teachings are still with us, but live in THIS moment.
It’s there to guide us, but how can we learn and observe if we live out of the moment?
No where is it said, the prophets would stop coming, they are surrounding us everywhere.
In the worlds beyond here, in our breath, in nature, in stillness. Listen!
Wake up!
Shift the focus, not into gain, self serving ‘things’, see how we affect the other beings, just by feeling and healing.
Stop the madness of holy wars, dividing the land over ancient scores of hate and envy.
Stop the journey in blindness, be the witness of change.
It’s not about religion, it’s not about faith, it’s about knocking down the walls we create.
We are all the same, we are ALL to blame.
Love is the only way through, it’s in me and you.
Shine from the place in your heart, that touches the stars!
Lets hold each others hand, journey out of this mind frame;
It can be so amazing.
We fall because we strive, for an ideal life, but the beauty in simplicity gets lost in money, objects and security.
Things that vanish, things that never keep.
Be free, let go of these,
Wake up, and believe!


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