You Foolish Girl

Was like slow motion, the dream of the day, he laughed at her confusion, there was nothing to say.
Foolish girl, what games you play; did you really believe we would meet one day?
In the moment of silence, from her heart without fear, she whispered yes, she’d been waiting for years.
I’ve got everything I desire, everything I need, you foolish girl have nothing for me.
In the space of belief, she wandered the sky, but the words would not flow, only tears spilled her eyes.
She was trying to make something, from a life that had change;
A Mother, she knew she could do it someway.
I’m no beauty or mastermind with a house on hill.
I have children and love and a very strong will.
I believe in humanity, I come from the light,
My soul is a fire as I am guided through the night.
I hold out my hands in honest belief, not looking for a savior,
Not searching for a truth.
I found everything in you.
Foolish girl, impossible dreams, go on with your life, forget about me.
She tried you see, but the love never leaves.

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