Serve In Stillness

Where is my life of service I ask?
In the mountains? Rivers? Tranquil land?
Where are thy hands and heart – ambassadors of my soul?
In paradise?
This is not so.
I will be still behind chaos, love within pain, reach into sickness;
Stand with the frail.
In the last moments of the journey, hand in hand, without fear; I will share with them the beauty of returning home.
My soul in prayer, no one will leave this life alone.
Stillness is not found in ocean, true benediction is found in the stillness of love.
Love is not a sanctuary, it is being, it is present, it is healing.
Why then, would thy heart travel oceans and quiet forests, sit on rolling hills and under the sky?
You will not find me meditating under a tree, there is not a moment of breath I shall spend trying to be in the silence of self.
I see nature in others, I experience light in the eyes of starvation, grace in the meek, creation in the broken and diseased.
I ask you, where is the stillness of service to humanity?
When you open your soul and share it with them.

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