The Railway

Two steps forward, and 10 steps back.
What was he doing on the railroad track?
Stone cold on the railway, baggage in hand;
Left the dull life to start again.
He had money in his mind and a stiff upper lip.
A coal miners stature with a solid grip.
Was miles of traveling’ on the steal and the steam,
Never looking back from the sun to the dream.
Happened round midnight, the metal was screaming,
Woke from a sleep and his head was bleeding.
Fire was blazing to the face of confusion,
Over five hundred lives being lost so brutal.
The smoke billowed high with no sight by the ground,
The people went running to find help in town.
As he stood by the ashes and blackening soot, his throat was on fire and his eyes were shut.
The echoes of children being sewn through his ears,
Mothers lay weeping in the deepest of fears.
Was a night born of chaos and scars worn like war.
Only 30 survived the derailment till morn.
Still till this day, in the valley of death, are the tracks of misfortune that lead to a cliff.
Travel by fear and the ticket is yours, travel with faith and you’ll never get on…

Came The Everlasting

Glory rose from the green earth,
Mother nature, bathe me in solace as I lay with thee.
Under gentle touch and rolling lands, nature descends around me.
From the ground below, to the sky as above;
Flourished the most precious hush.
Take me to my innocence, I am a child of wonder and bliss.
In a hymn of wind and ivy I dance.
Arms wide open, heart soaring endlessly.
I spin and spin like the promise of a new day.
Echoing beyond the trees, streaming between the leaves,
Sunshine beams;
Covered my ears, caressed my tears of joy.
Over the horizon, was the hands of God.
Everywhere at once, life began to wake.
Every stone and every lake, every bird and every blade of grass sang.
My ears rang as my soul vibrates in awe.
This is creation; came from inside of me.
A place I have always been, a space I will always be.
The drums of time did not beat; at my feet were the miles of mortality.
Blown away in the open, they were never needed.
On this day, came the everlasting.
I kneel grateful for all.

Free (In The Sky)

Strange days ahead, mind blank, I sit and stare into the depth of the world.
No thoughts plague me or wither my sanctuary.
Complete rotation of the earth gives birth to the new dawn.
My money is gone, my needs are none.
Long since time has hung suspended like this, nothing is missed or unfolded.
Torn down to shreds, my ego left in the ashes.
Stripped to the bone, bare and alone I have no fears.
What brought me here?
There is no line between birth and death.
Immortal is our incarnate breath, the body is sentient.
Two spheres entwined, one holds the energy, one holds the light.
Many lives it takes to understand, the duality of woman and man.
One heart, four hands.
We must become our true perfection, this will bring on the connection to heal us into higher directions.
Synchronicity speaks, listen to what it feeds our souls.
In the quiet of the stream, thought means nothing.
Experience this gift, how precious it is through eons
We connect.
Before we came, there was a promise;
Across the universe we would reach, to send each other light when in need.
To heal the karma, to lessen the trauma of the journey.
From a place far away, of golden water and sacred sound, we sat under the tree of life by the ground.
Energy surrounds.
You held my hand, as the ovoid span and released you through.
As I let go, you sang me a song, the symphony of light was there all along.
I watched as your birth was the glory of the stars, always in my heart, I poured love to you.
Then in mercy, Spirit guided me into creation to experience sensations and heal like you.
As I sit back in silence and open my soul, I can feel you so close and your happiness glows.
All I could ask for, was to see you again, to know you’re ok and life brought you wonder.
I will stand in the shadows, watching in joy, till we meet once again, free in the sky.


In this pain is the blessing
I now see who will be there for me
Who will not turn away, who will hold my hand and stay
Who will not ignore my love
Who will stand above fear
Who will be near my soul
Who will never let go
Who won’t play games with my heart
Who won’t stop and start
Who is this I ask?
Who wears no mask?

Thank You

Sometime I get caught up in emotion and words and try to put everything into poems to make sense of it all. This has been one of the most beautiful experiences to share my heart and soul with everyone. I am honored beyond words to those who have supported me here by reading and sharing my poems. You know who you each are. I wanted to take this time to tell you. Thank you from my heart.

Beyond Sight

We are not the covers of our books
We are not the words on the pages
We are the silence after it’s read

We are not the music we created
We are not the emotions that escape us
We are creation and nature
That is ALL there is

We are not bodies of perfection
We are souls that move through this dimension
We are not the journey or a lesson
The mind has no progression in thought

We are not time or a devotion
We are love in constant motion
So fast is the vibration, we are still
We are not action or will
Just energy

We are spheres of you
Superimposed in truth
All around the universe
Always coming through

We bring change, we are transmutation
We dilate the stillness of space and bring light
We are levels of life
Beyond what you see there is so much more…

The Dunes Of Time

Encrypted in words was the future.
Little did we all know we’d be seeing our truth.
The creators scrolled pages of what shall be.
The portraits,
The music
The poems
The dreams
Makes no sense when you try to fit it in reality.
Unfolded beyond reason is the pages of our lives.
Time has no hold; sensations and revelations mold.
Moments collide, open our souls wide.
Synchronize and evolution tries to make us see.
We are everything we thought we’d be.
 Follow me, we are destiny,
The shamans of the open land scream.
Set your mind free,
Though you have to bleed, transmutations coming.
Along you travel and carve possibility.
I am the past, I am the present, I am never ending.
Bring on the rain, bring on the wind, melt with the snow, follow the crow.
Talk with the elders, bend with the trees, take the last breath of this unity.
Where ever you’re going, and where ever you’ve been, Flesh makes you mortal, the world broke you in.
Let torments unleash you, let fear blow away;
The calm is the sunrise at the start of the day.
Take to the sky in the hours of stillness, let your love be your witness.
The shadows standing under foot, fade in the hands that understood.
Change is upon you, go in with grace, for Spirit will guide you into this space.
There is no set rules, there is no set ending, your existence is flowing like the river is bending.
Letting go is the way to see, the journey inside is already healing.

Thy Everlasting

In the flames of sin I shall burn, never to return.
In the space of nothing, I will become.
The warmth of thy heart has turned to everlasting stone.
On my knees, I knew this time would come.
I am sorry for all I have done.
Have mercy on thy soul.
Please believe I never meant harm.
Everything I did was in love.
But sometimes love, is not enough.
I have nothing left to give, I do not want to be a burden.
All I ever asked from the light, was to touch lives.
Somehow be of use, to help others through.
In the weakness of my heart, I became shame.
I have tainted the flame of truth.
I will make it right on this night,
Between worlds.

In The Dark

Fevers pitch arch across my back,
Run your fingers along my lips.
My mind slips into waves of crimson.
In this moment we are tangled like prisms.
Slowly motion turns to sensation,
From behind you trace me like whispers.
Let me touch your face.
Words have no meaning between breath and elation.
Step outside understanding and merge with my soul.
Deep inside you climb to unfold.
Taste thy breasts of beauty’s song.
Let go.
I want you so.
On my knees, these waves are strong.
Is it so wrong, alone in the dark…

The Other Side Of Light

As life brings change, the desert appears endless and dry.
The sun is relentless as it melts through the sky.
I do not ask why, just follow the motion.
What was familiar becomes shadows.
I remain facing the sun.
As light blinds my eyes, I find stillness my guide.
No path to pave, no moment to save, just carry on.
Who will be strong and take my hand?
Walk with me to the promised land?
Then I understand, there is no man on earth that can.
The whisper of life has no meeting ends.
We are not fairytales, no promises made the angels.
Unravel and unmask; make this not a task,
A choice of freedom.
Never look back, never look down;
Fly to the sound of rejoice!
This road leads to nowhere,
This love has one side,
I travel alone, to the other side of light.