In The Dark

Fevers pitch arch across my back,
Run your fingers along my lips.
My mind slips into waves of crimson.
In this moment we are tangled like prisms.
Slowly motion turns to sensation,
From behind you trace me like whispers.
Let me touch your face.
Words have no meaning between breath and elation.
Step outside understanding and merge with my soul.
Deep inside you climb to unfold.
Taste thy breasts of beauty’s song.
Let go.
I want you so.
On my knees, these waves are strong.
Is it so wrong, alone in the dark…


4 thoughts on “In The Dark

  1. The site looks as if it was deleted after a few people left not so nice messages saying that she was stealing their work… I guess, you should be flattered someone thought it was worth stealing – but, still… not right. I’m glad the site is down. I supose these things happen… but, I don’t get why anyone would feel good about getting comments on stuff they didn’t create themselves… ??

    • I am grateful for the time you have taken to tell me about this. I have not really had somethng like this happen before. I am not making money on my stuff, just trying to connect and share inspirations and maybe help others who need some light or understanding. I hope whom ever it was found something helpful in the poems. I only give freedom to one fella who I love (Sean Wright) use my words as lyrics to music and he gives me credit when he does. he can use my poems (I am always honored) if he finds somethng in them. I am very grateful when folks read my poems, they are a gift to share.

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