The Other Side Of Light

As life brings change, the desert appears endless and dry.
The sun is relentless as it melts through the sky.
I do not ask why, just follow the motion.
What was familiar becomes shadows.
I remain facing the sun.
As light blinds my eyes, I find stillness my guide.
No path to pave, no moment to save, just carry on.
Who will be strong and take my hand?
Walk with me to the promised land?
Then I understand, there is no man on earth that can.
The whisper of life has no meeting ends.
We are not fairytales, no promises made the angels.
Unravel and unmask; make this not a task,
A choice of freedom.
Never look back, never look down;
Fly to the sound of rejoice!
This road leads to nowhere,
This love has one side,
I travel alone, to the other side of light.

4 thoughts on “The Other Side Of Light

    • Thank you Mark for the time you take to read my poems. No light? *smiles* The word is not the thing it’s trying to describe… *never thought I’d say this* LOL

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