The Dunes Of Time

Encrypted in words was the future.
Little did we all know we’d be seeing our truth.
The creators scrolled pages of what shall be.
The portraits,
The music
The poems
The dreams
Makes no sense when you try to fit it in reality.
Unfolded beyond reason is the pages of our lives.
Time has no hold; sensations and revelations mold.
Moments collide, open our souls wide.
Synchronize and evolution tries to make us see.
We are everything we thought we’d be.
 Follow me, we are destiny,
The shamans of the open land scream.
Set your mind free,
Though you have to bleed, transmutations coming.
Along you travel and carve possibility.
I am the past, I am the present, I am never ending.
Bring on the rain, bring on the wind, melt with the snow, follow the crow.
Talk with the elders, bend with the trees, take the last breath of this unity.
Where ever you’re going, and where ever you’ve been, Flesh makes you mortal, the world broke you in.
Let torments unleash you, let fear blow away;
The calm is the sunrise at the start of the day.
Take to the sky in the hours of stillness, let your love be your witness.
The shadows standing under foot, fade in the hands that understood.
Change is upon you, go in with grace, for Spirit will guide you into this space.
There is no set rules, there is no set ending, your existence is flowing like the river is bending.
Letting go is the way to see, the journey inside is already healing.


2 thoughts on “The Dunes Of Time

  1. Shamans have always been the most beloved priests of her… the lines are beautiful. I have always wondered, why we failed to listen to them… my gratitudes…

    • Thank you for the time you have taken to read my wrting and leave a kind note. I am grateful. From a fellow writer, it’s an honor. You write immaculate.

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