Free (In The Sky)

Strange days ahead, mind blank, I sit and stare into the depth of the world.
No thoughts plague me or wither my sanctuary.
Complete rotation of the earth gives birth to the new dawn.
My money is gone, my needs are none.
Long since time has hung suspended like this, nothing is missed or unfolded.
Torn down to shreds, my ego left in the ashes.
Stripped to the bone, bare and alone I have no fears.
What brought me here?
There is no line between birth and death.
Immortal is our incarnate breath, the body is sentient.
Two spheres entwined, one holds the energy, one holds the light.
Many lives it takes to understand, the duality of woman and man.
One heart, four hands.
We must become our true perfection, this will bring on the connection to heal us into higher directions.
Synchronicity speaks, listen to what it feeds our souls.
In the quiet of the stream, thought means nothing.
Experience this gift, how precious it is through eons
We connect.
Before we came, there was a promise;
Across the universe we would reach, to send each other light when in need.
To heal the karma, to lessen the trauma of the journey.
From a place far away, of golden water and sacred sound, we sat under the tree of life by the ground.
Energy surrounds.
You held my hand, as the ovoid span and released you through.
As I let go, you sang me a song, the symphony of light was there all along.
I watched as your birth was the glory of the stars, always in my heart, I poured love to you.
Then in mercy, Spirit guided me into creation to experience sensations and heal like you.
As I sit back in silence and open my soul, I can feel you so close and your happiness glows.
All I could ask for, was to see you again, to know you’re ok and life brought you wonder.
I will stand in the shadows, watching in joy, till we meet once again, free in the sky.


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