Came The Everlasting

Glory rose from the green earth,
Mother nature, bathe me in solace as I lay with thee.
Under gentle touch and rolling lands, nature descends around me.
From the ground below, to the sky as above;
Flourished the most precious hush.
Take me to my innocence, I am a child of wonder and bliss.
In a hymn of wind and ivy I dance.
Arms wide open, heart soaring endlessly.
I spin and spin like the promise of a new day.
Echoing beyond the trees, streaming between the leaves,
Sunshine beams;
Covered my ears, caressed my tears of joy.
Over the horizon, was the hands of God.
Everywhere at once, life began to wake.
Every stone and every lake, every bird and every blade of grass sang.
My ears rang as my soul vibrates in awe.
This is creation; came from inside of me.
A place I have always been, a space I will always be.
The drums of time did not beat; at my feet were the miles of mortality.
Blown away in the open, they were never needed.
On this day, came the everlasting.
I kneel grateful for all.


3 thoughts on “Came The Everlasting

  1. Incredible poem Reine…I wish I could post it for you….I is a great way for me to start the day…Reading this clears my thoughts and returns me to my Self…I thank you..

  2. This line is so, so beautiful: “In a hymn of wind and ivy I dance.”

    Gorgeous piece, Reine. Thank you for sharing your transcendent joy with me today (via Tweet). 🙂

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