The Railway

Two steps forward, and 10 steps back.
What was he doing on the railroad track?
Stone cold on the railway, baggage in hand;
Left the dull life to start again.
He had money in his mind and a stiff upper lip.
A coal miners stature with a solid grip.
Was miles of traveling’ on the steal and the steam,
Never looking back from the sun to the dream.
Happened round midnight, the metal was screaming,
Woke from a sleep and his head was bleeding.
Fire was blazing to the face of confusion,
Over five hundred lives being lost so brutal.
The smoke billowed high with no sight by the ground,
The people went running to find help in town.
As he stood by the ashes and blackening soot, his throat was on fire and his eyes were shut.
The echoes of children being sewn through his ears,
Mothers lay weeping in the deepest of fears.
Was a night born of chaos and scars worn like war.
Only 30 survived the derailment till morn.
Still till this day, in the valley of death, are the tracks of misfortune that lead to a cliff.
Travel by fear and the ticket is yours, travel with faith and you’ll never get on…


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