In My Atmosphere

Here we are, this is all a dream; they called it life, we wanted to see.
From the light years we merge, from intention we form, blasting through the atmosphere, a breath of life is born.
What happened to the molecules that passed through gamma rays?
Within the gravity of mother earth, we restructure dna.
Telepathic, like a magnet, energy static, you’re coming through.
Over the moon, into the sun, within the space we call One;
Thought becomes sound, breaking a boundary and vibrating like rings.
It’s in my skin, it’s in my veins, blows my mind, makes me scream silently.
When you reach, my body pulses, my  world  becomes geometry.
Some strange equation, some fascination, a strong sensation keeps my elation.
Like a comet or an atom, gathering momentum,
This connection is electrical and charges all around us.
Sent back to the solar system, as they listen, worlds open wide.
I see it in our eyes, like a silver cord of fire, surges through my wires;
As I wave goodbye.

2 thoughts on “In My Atmosphere

  1. Reading thru some of your work… and I’m so glad I found you… even if it was because I was researching stolen poetry! You write beautifully. I hope it’s ok if I ad yu to my blogroll… and I’ll be back to read more.

    Take care.

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