That Great Big Paradox

Life, a paradox of dreams, not always what it seems.
Big deal, it gets surreal, you work, you hurt, you pick up and feel.  We have to deal with it.
Take a break, of the give and take, always on, sometimes it feels fake.
Count the blessings, count the lies, sit in the center of your mind.
Where is up, where is down, some days are lost, some moments found.
Find your ground and you’ll come around.
Do not give in to pressure, do not give into stress,
Does it really make sense, to become such a mess?
Nothing goes right, what went wrong?
Was it really your perception, drawing you along?
Same crap, different song.
Get off the top, spinning you round,
Self inflicted, you hit the ground.
Screaming like a banshee when no ones around.
You’ve got to stay level, you have to stay sound.
Soaring then crashing is much too extreme, life should flow like a stream, sometimes winding, mostly serene.
No matter the direction, we are in this dimension,
Light reflection, your purpose recollection, mental stimulation, mind dilatation; complete transformation.
 The momentum shifts, causing the soul to drift,
I see clear, what is real and what is fear.
Earth is gravity holding us close, but the Universe knows how to make us float; in the galaxy we row light years and decades.
The paradox fades when you know the way.
Made from glass is a map of the past, shattered to pieces, was not meant to last.
What we believe, is the shadows we cast, on the red road,  we learn to go slow, it’s not what you think, it’s what you know.
Some days we get it, sometimes we need rest, it’s no use if your thoughts are a wreck.
Eventually it hits you, some point in space, one life or another, we find our place.
Be present and peaceful, keep honest and useful, in passion and intention- in love when you fall; the paradox breaks down all the walls.

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