Time Folds

This is the future,
Taken me fast forward, to unfreeze time
Lessons come fast, heal the past, pouring through
They knew I could handle it, it will pull us through
I breathe in pure electricity, it supercharges me
I took form, but shapes shift and turn and become fluidity
Can you take it?
Will I break you?
Close your eyes and stay empty, let the music rage from creation;
Every sensation moves one level higher, every note is a spiral of time wrapping you and folding back on its self;
Then be still.
There are many forms of existence, levels of energy and heaven in many worlds.
As you grow on earth, your evolution brings you to other plains of Now pulsing.
After this life, if we have evolved enough to handle the vibration levels we are orbs, that transmute on different levels. The Galaxy is endless. We are the stars, the moon, the sun…

You will find me again, you will find birth, infinity, the circles, the spheres, infusing and bursting recreating the energy of life.
In the beginning was concept and contemplation, thought was created by ions of light trying to merge.
They needed to become the same polarity, like a magnet, to be free.
This created heat and surges of motion and vibrations
From this came a hum, from this created space and light moved faster then space
They needed time; for time was the only way to hold space and light
This was the first thought by action
This is why we must now still our minds to hear truth
because action caused thought and changed the perfection of creation
Ever folding back on its self.
Sound followed light to keep time in motion
the first beating heart of the universe
sound is sacred, it forms and moves, keeps time and the energy of light even through mortals, souls, heaven’s balance of NOW
This is how we all come home, the sound of light pulses first then carries us through. Then light takes us in, expands us out, we fold back on ourselves to experience all we were on earth and see what we did with our lives
then comes sensation from motion as we vibrate love,
love is the result of everything.
The final chapter, the fusion of NOW and creation, light, energy, time, God
this is why birth and death are ONE
From God, returned to God, is all love
With love, transmutation.

The end

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