Pythagoras Is Laughing (Time&Age)

Why do so many fixate with age and time?
In truth, we are endless.
Shall we measure wisdom from question?
Can this be so; as wisdom comes to those who experience and form questions that develope answers directly in seeing what is.
So then is wisdom a question, a riddle, an experience?
Does wisdom come with age?
We’d like to believe that.
But believing is not knowing, its dogma, a stigmata of thought to the mind.
We cannot measure the mind, we can only experience the actions from it, related to its belief, it’s perception.
How do we take time? Does it not ever fold back on its self and recreate? if we believe we can take it, then what do we give back to keep balance? More time? Can we give time?
We can direct attention or focus into an experience, but does that change time as we believe? If we give attention to a project and another life breathing in another land is sleeping, does it alter the time they experience? This I ask so it can be observed how time is an illusion.
Time began to measure light, that in its self is to experience is a question. How does one measure all we are in such a way? This is comparing, taking apart, dissecting and giving relevance to how light fits into time. Light just IS. like love, there is no opposite. Dark might we say for opposites sake, is the other side of light?
Do we  measure darkness with time and age? Is there a speed of darkness? Was there really a dark age? Dark is immeasurable such as light, because it just IS. We experience the dark, we are not THE dark. Once light is experienced, there is not dark. Therefor, since we ARE light, there is only stigmata of darkness, dogma, idea.
So to measure time, is creating an illusion of space for light. Why do we need to do this? Does that make sense?
Age; we are not a number, we try to define how we fit into space and time with a number, but in that case, you are measuring the development of a body and mind. In the grand scheme we’d be oder than dirt. How does one directly experience this?
Have we not loved, lived, breathed, explored, learned enough yet tostop measuring ourselves by how light fits into time? We are light, age is time, why must we count how long our light has penetrated space so the mind can form more ideas about it, rather than just BE? When you love, time is experienced endless as it just IS. See this, experience this, BE. Free the mind from the illusions created of measuring.  Existence will take on a whole other LIGHT!

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