The Spirit Of The Warrior

The wind blew across the open,
Call to the footsteps of the Great One.
Dance for the Sun, Raise your song to the ancient ones.
Bones and earth rattle the fire, shake the stones, the medicine is in all.
Cry as the warrior, stand as the young;
Bow to the east, west, north and south, reverence for this land,
From earth to hand; from nature walks man.
Each breath is the drum, take the journey alone.
Listen to the wisdom of the smoke rise, beyond eyes there is above, there is below.
As the wolf, as the owl, as the buffalo; carve your totum, gather your clan, bring back the innocence where we began.
Give back what you take, the circle is the way to follow.
The ground is hollow, the trees are life, the river is blood flowing to the heart of the sky.
We never die, we dream with the stars.
In the dark, the echos wander, raise the bird of thunder;
Sleep then in peace.
Respect the teachers, honor the wisdom, the path calls to you.
Leave all the days behind, come forth in trust.
Bare foot, open hands, clear mind, heart of truth.
The creator will come to you and hold your hands, fill your mind with truth of heart, no longer will you walk on the barest of foot, but soar with the wings as the Spirit of the warrior.


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