No Limits

I’m a free spirit, weaving in and out of this reality
Time does not bind me, existence is altered.
I’m a radio wave, open like space
Forming words to communicate.
I’m a homing device, for different light;
Lend my mind to science, I am sure they can find it;
I just smile and pick up the pace.
Some days I want to stay and play in the grass, but it never lasts;
I get swept away.
Scrolling poetry, into some sort of understanding.
Can you follow me?
Cause the words are not things, life is a dream,
The Uni-Verse is listening. One word, One Verse, One being.
I do not follow, I do not doubt, I just write it down, as the energy makes sound.
I’m a loner, a drifter, no one, yet I listen – deeply.
As the sun fills my eyes, I hear the call of ideas, fears, hopes and tears.
In slumber, in refuge of material things, there is pain in the hands of wanting everything.
Self absorbed, means less aware, why spend life there?
Break the noise that fills the head, be who you are, live filled with breath.
Those weary hearted, always try to grasp, to bind themselves to memories past.
I will whisper if you ask, take off your mask.
Freedom is not a state of mind, it’s how you let go of it.
We were always free, flowing with change makes us see.
Spread your wings, there are no strings, create and sing,
dance and shine cause the sky has no limits.

4 thoughts on “No Limits

  1. Reine, It;s been soooooooooo long since we;ve been able to catch up. I tell you, in my darkest moments your words they speak a language I’m just learning and becoming responsive to as well as proactive about. The essence, the meanings, the holistic “granola head me” … they’ve come a moments that just cannot be “chance”…. please email and catch up when you can…
    Please take care of yourself (You should have a facebook page!)

    • Sweet woman, forgive me; I was not able to log in a bit over at the message board. I always think of ya. I have a feeling things are goin well for you right now and it will only get much better. Keep your heart open and shine, cause you’re healing. I am always here if you need me, always. Love and lots of YELLOW *smiling* Teacher!!!!!

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