Started As A Poem

The hours float, in this space the notes cascade around my ears.
The colors paint my soul.
Surrounded by augmented 7th these are brain chemistry.
I feel the geometry of c and b.
Yellow and bright takes me higher and higher when the guitar strings vibrate.
Give me bass, take me down to the ground, warm and brown like the earth it flows.
Tones and octaves, scales and chords bring me on. I surge and grow.
Drip me into the color blue, fuse me with green waves; pull me into red orbits, pulse me with silver halos.
Beat number 5 sounds like fire and soothes me in the pool of life.
I count backwards as the bridge collides, like a window breaking through my spine.
Loud and soft voice, you trail across the world. A prism, a spiral, a pull like undertow it glows and my reality blows apart.
Now, I am a nebula, a supernova, molten lava.
So surreal, this alternating feeling, beautiful and healing.
Broke my mind, broke the structure, the fluctuation between thought and function.Experience re-design, rna, dna, molecular regeneration, from sound dilation.
Experience the sensations, this is amazing.
Reach me in your clear ship,the blast between time and presence. The sonic boom, fills my room, I hear the gold and silver hum of your music. You twinkle, you shift, your systematic and perfect.
The circle sounds like clear ice,I feel so far away. The indigo flame calls my name, it sounds like a symphony of worlds creating.
Now there are 9, merging from the light, soft beams of love all above my heart.
Somehow we are ONE. Complete understanding, they are sending me on.
Rose is the sky, in the center of balance comes the octave of light, white, so bright it is omega.
Does the journey end here, because words cannot form what IS?
There is not description, not poetry or music? There is not thought or emotion, sensation or memory.
There is no ME.
Deeply I begin to breathe, who is beside, this vivid fire. This immaculate solar sun?
My levels are split like a rainbow of knowledge.
Notes of everyone I have been. A lifelong melody.
Was that a body? Some sort of temple in unity of experience and healing.
How did it all fit in there?
Did I shrink? Was I half a being?
My mind would never understand this meeting.
Singing is the ovoid, sounds so clear.
How did I take all that noise in my ears before?
Was like static, speratic, erratic.
Formation comes through like towers of crystals. Peaceful fluid om.
Nature appears, its music is all around.
From this level, nature is inspiration. Now I understand. This is the muse of innocence. How we can return to the symphony of creation.
When we are lost, nature holds the truth, the NOW. Its evolution our minds can find with simplicity.
Trying to teach us, pleading to reach us, but we surround with negativity. We take from creation, but never balance.
So with eyes, we can no longer see natures purity.
Now there is life. What is this experience we chose to infuse through?
We put together light and formed love. Emotions taught the mind awareness of its self, not apart from us as we will later understand.
Sensation, is experience. This lets the mind, understand the heart. What is life?
Unification of it all. Lessons, we need pain, pain is sensation, it teaches us to release. Bring in emotions, experience sensations, release. Thought is to keep the mind from breaking because until we learn to experience directly, we would never process or fathom how omega it all is.
Concept, imagination, desire, passion, laughter, anger, fear. Notes of the symphony. I do not know words for this, my creativity cannot capture how to express this. Time folding causes memory. We draw on folding time to relate the continuum of existing. We need memory like words to outline something to bind emotions to, so we can continue to express the mind to the heart. Some learn otherwise, no wrong way to exist, just what ever the soul can expand to in awareness. Some need mind to communicate to the heart, some do not. *laughing* look at the great thinkers. The genius. They let the mind be what it is. That is how they understood what many cannot.
Creating theory and questioning the big bang.
What is madness? Do some minds and thoughts become chaos? Yes, but the heart never does. The soul observes, this is a level of existence. Lesson. Experience, sensation still. Madness is others observing with sordid mind and concepts one who does not have that structure to the experience of mind process. They are not separated from mind, their reality is still reality and still healing. Another understanding we will come into with omnipresence.
The mad mind has less space to travel to be unified with heart and soul. But, it will take longer to heal and return again and again to find peace; a lesson.
Spirit, white pulsing, expanding, love, omni.
No words in my creativity to explain.
Prayers are like liquid shades of love. Illumination the space around me and the 9 that pulse compassion. The guides of each mortal – stated being, breathe light into the souls on a level the mind cannot always experience, but the prayers are ‘heard’. Answers to prayers come through sensations and emotions and then fuse into experience and energy of positive force to help us create healing. Do not separate the soul from the answers. It causes pain, then we stop learning directly and are not flowing mind with heart, we observe as two, not one.
So complex we have become to exist, this all is understood as we are on the level of omni.
Not greater are we, just expanded so we can radiate and complexity is not ‘here’.

The music has ended for now, In stillness, I go back to sleep.

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