Take Me Sunday

What would it be like,
Sunday morning,
lazy day to stay in bed.
Here we are, all entwined,
sheets and pillows all a mess.
You smile at me through sleepy eyes, no place to be, just take our time.
I bring in tea and open the window, you’re singing softly a new idea.
We hum together and feel inspired, starting the day with all we hold dear.
I would kiss you like a melody, you would smile like a harmony, this is how love really should be, two like hearts in simplicity.
Hours pass, we never notice, lost in creative fluidity. No explaining, no restraining, just music and love will fill our heads.
Life will call and we will flow, in each breath we will always know, why we are here.
A blessing so true, for me and you; to connect in this life, to shine so bright we can create all this light in our words and our songs.
At the end of the day, when the world fades away, we carry on.
As the dark outlines, you read my mind, slip off my dress and trace my lips with your finger tips. The moment slips.
I crawl on your lap and slowly we laugh and unravel whats left of our skin. Naked and spent, we fly off in orbit, till Monday calls us back in.

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