Does anyone notice the sky is falling?
Has anyone felt the globe is warming?
Did the ozone warning stop the fumes?
Did recycling cut the garbage dunes?
Did the rain forests regenerate?
Did peace stop the hate?
Where is your place in all the change?
Did marching on the lawn stop Vietnam?
Did tossing paint stop the fur from being worn?
Did riots stop while the fires burned?
Where is the face of all this change?
Who freed all the prisoners of war?
Who tore down the Berlin wall?
When the markets crashed, who took the fall?
Go and stand tall, say it was not your call.
You were not born when the slaves were torn.
You had nothing to do, with the gassing of the Jews; of course not.
Did anyone wonder what happened to the land, the Native Americans had before we stole it from their hands?
Sure, read the history books, that heals the wounds and we carry on. RIGHT?
But how did we learn, how do we see, when we are still here and bow to money?
what do we own, what do we buy, how do we get it, when we have no time?
Toss a coin in the can, for the homeless man, but hold out your home, or hold out your hand? No way man. Turn the other cheek became irony.
We all got this journey, we all got this pity, so beat by our own hands, we can’t help the next man. So we focus on the planet, all the habits we broke to save the earth.
What is that worth when man is still absurd?
Leave it to the children, the next generation, we’ve been doing this for decades and in desperation, they rise.
Can we open our minds to their eyes.
They raise the vibrations, they are the new nations and planting the seeds WE must help them grow.
Until every last bit of the past WE own, the children won’t be free.
Karma is not a disease, it’s the chance to freeze all this destruction.
When time began, far back as we can trace,
we had a choice, free will and a voice to use wise.
Now is the time to revise and reveal, the nature of all false ideals. See the truth.
We keep coming back till we do.

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