That Great Big Manifesting THING

Manifesting, this is an interesting idea to me. It makes us ask the question to self, “what do I want from this life – what do I deserve?”
What do we deserve in this life? Is life about sending out and returning desires? If we want to understand manifesting, we have to understand the meaning of life. Why? Because the idea behind manifesting is a circle. We desire and have ideas of what we need, and believe we deserve happiness and tune the mind and heart to bliss.

Put so simply. in books and seminars, there are speakers of such and self – help courses to manifest.
It’s our birthright! Some have said it’s karma. It’s taken long enough for all of us to get to this point to become aware of these laws of motions and how it pertains to self. I use the word self, because I am speaking in a way, about the mind and its conscious awareness of desires and idea.

To go back to the question of life; what is it really? Does it have a certain context to follow? Do  we have choice? Can we learn and heal our souls if we spend time on manifesting desires? Money, we manifest abundance! We give to the “Universe” and let go of this paradox we have of money. Give, give, give. The idea is, we let go of our attachments to money and oh, “amazing” it comes back in abundance! Clearly it was meant for us, this money coming back so plentiful! Perhaps we negotiate the idea we are ‘letting go’ of the need for money and ‘freeing’ ourselves from the torment of wanting. Creating another paradox. Such complexity it all turns into this manifesting. Why? Can it be perhaps this focus on self is a circle  mind frame?

To come into life, we are not born with memory. There clearly is no ideas formed as of yet. This is learned. We come here to learn. Before we were ‘aware’ of this manifesting, we did such as a natural state of living. A baby is hungry, the body speaks in conjunction with the mind of the need for food. We cry and the care giver then feeds the baby. Ah! Baby now becomes ‘aware’ after repeating this that it must manifest what it needs by sending out what it needs.

Later the baby learns desire. It desires the rattle in its hand. What does the baby do? Reach. It learns to reach and grasp. Then, the result is, baby has rattle. So simple.

understanding this, why I ask do we rely on self, on desire to manifest what we believe we need? If we observe how this works, are we directly experiencing joy and love, money and life in this?

Does manifesting not take time to return? Is this teaching us patience? Is this teaching us how to desire and then let og of desire and accept how joy returns to us in direct experiences? If direct experience of love, life, joy, and so on are present, then manifesting does not really exist other than on the level of self and desire.

Did we need a label for this? Are some things brought into awareness of thought really relevent to live in joy and happiness?

What happens with manifesting is it takes people out of being present and brings them into a circle of waiting. Sending out desires into the universe and waiting for results. Perhaps you are thinking,’no I can be both present and send something out, let it go and accept how it returns to me in joy.’
Fair enough, but that means we are not waiting for the desire we manifest. This means to not stay in that mindframe of the desire in any way.

we build inspiration boards, we set time aside for manifesting each day to keep that positive desire, or be it negative I suppose how you look at it, in our minds and thoughts. So much time on self, so much time on trying to create atmospheres for things to manifest into our lives we desire.

What would happen, if we did not desire and manifest? Would our lives become dreadful and meaningless? Would we never achieve greatness?
Achieve, strive, become. All actions, all thoughts and concepts of being. Not what IS. Not being present. Losing direct experience. Waiting for results.

We are here to learn, we are here to heal, to do this we are breaking down the ideas and self to learn directly.

Why must we manifest abundance or joy, when we can experience it RIGHT NOW?

Right now really is all. Isn’t it?

What else is there? When we answer that with truth, directly and understand this, we have our answer to manifesting.

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