We Came

Gently, as the wind graced my face with hush, softly as the song of the sky entwined with my exhale, the warmth of my heart drifted.

My ears began to ring, my hands tingle with energy, I felt my soul whisper in kind; he is waving goodbye.

In the tears that fall and water the ground, there was kindness that lifted this life that fell down.

In open heart and sincerity, I bleed.

From a light calls the voice to, ‘be still’.

We are with you, let go of your will.

Child, no love is in vain, though beg as you may, you cannot see.

There is much to learn in trusting what shall be.

This inner voice, has shown you the answers;

Given you guidance, the path has been light always.

You sought and sent wishes, across the seas and worlds heard this, we did not forsake.

This is not all your lesson, not all a mistake.

But we cannot wake the dreamer.

Walk quietly in solace, for the day will come when all of this pours through.

The truth.

What seems, can deceive.

What is, never fades.

You called, we came.

Can you understand, in your hands of love, you opened up a door.

The one who walked through, is learning too, the truth of love.

2 thoughts on “We Came

    • Kind soul, your light is bright, I am honored in some way to share this. KNOW, she is never far from you, this is a dream of life. ONE day she will wake and you both will be together again. God Bless You both.

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