Walking slowly beside each life on this journey, I long to help them see.
These circles are not endless, these cycles are not prisons to break free.
We are each the faces of God, given the gift of creation, in sleepwalking, without guidance, all we create are circles.
The circles are strong, they encase us; they are familiar patterns. We do this for the mind to not feel scattered.
Oh but the illusions of circles spin fast. We know how long each curve will last, we can prepare for the emotions and downtime.
But in the circles of life, we become blind.
How many times must something be faced? How many times must a lesson surface? In this circle of trying to heal, repitition becomes a wheel. We were meant to walk a line of truth, unfold the journey one step at a time. I took a step to the right and my circle breaks. Everything changed, everything makes sense, I see how the unknown are relevent.
Do not discard experience, hold the essence of what is learned, but do not turn and turn in the present.
Look in the face of those who come into your awareness, they are witness to your choice to be here. We are all hand in hand.
Have no fear, listen to the whispers in your ear. How many miracles does it take, to break the chains?
Rain is not sorrow, it washes clean, brings new beginnings. Life is not a circle, it has birth and death. We begin in breath and transform with death. We never end, we carry on. To see the stars, we do not peer in circles, we gaze to the sky, into others eyes, that is a straight line, from here to there. The key to freedom, to stop the suffering, see the blessings, to change existence, to live our purpose is being present. In the moment is everything. No fear of emotions, no guilt or anger, no sadness and confusion. Just truth.
A moment of clarity changes everything. The kiss of energy wakes the spirit within. We dream the life, but wake the soul to heal.

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