In the lush water, clung to my outline,
Running down my aching breasts; they swell to the touch, Imagination’s kiss.
Breath is deep, I bite my lip, my fingers slip down till I groan and whisper.
Body flushed, eyes shut, raven hair wet and stuck to my face, I begin to trace between my legs deeply.
Would you taste me?
Would you play with me?
Run your tongue across my thighs, as I pull you in tight.
Let me explore you, my mouth would adore you, with every lick.
Watch me closely, as I bend over you; tease you and taunt you to kiss my feet.
Hands on my ass, pull me down fast;
I scream as you’re thrusting, my legs wrapped around your waist; I feel you pulse our hearts race.
Your lap is drenched with my sweetness pouring, inside me filled with your delicious release.
Come to me, in astral planes
Lets live out this fantasy…

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