Those I Love

Always in the middle, I stand in this circle
Passing me by, right before my eyes, are those I loved.
I watch as their lives unfold and glow.
I smile as they open their souls and fly.
I long to reach out and touch a hand,
I move to the distance, not to cause disruption of the plan.
Grateful for the chance I had to know them.
Always in the middle, this is where I am silently.
When they fall, when they call, I pick up the pieces if they need.
Love is not selfish or limited.
Sometimes I dream they notice me, or change destiny; that one was meant to be.
Then I see they are happy, their lives filled with beauty, how selfish could I be?
Right here in my circle, in the middle of everything, I open my heart to each.
No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter who you love, I will always cherish you; for all you taught me. I kneel before you, in all of life’s glory, I wish you freedom and peace for eternity.

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