You Are My Truth

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring
I left yesterday to it’s liberty
I don’t believe everything I see
I get lost sometimes and speak nonsensities
In my hands this love flows, like rain nurtures the rose.
In the days that go slow, in the moments I want to let go of my breath,
When all the faces become repetitive,
There is only one truth, one so pure, one that has me endure. You.
I don’t have a clue where to lay my head,
Wonder some days at the end of the paycheck,
There in the light of the music comes You.
It all makes sense to me now,
All the sorrows I mended, all the times I could have gave in, there was one more moment life never ended.
All the lessons, all the silence, all the tears and all the changes, oh how I would do it all again, because I know now; you were at the end of the tunnel.
You were on the journey too.
I don’t know how to show you, how much I long to hold you, to look into those beautiful eyes, to heal you.
Sometimes I weep, sometimes I cannot sleep
Sometimes I reach out my soul, asking the angels to let you know.
Oh incredible man, please understand, there will be no one else who will fill these moments – only you.
Yes, I am scared, what ‘if’ makes us bare.
A chance, a risk, those who will hurt, we cannot desert our lives.
I don’t know any other way around it, but what truth I do, is this love for you.
Entwined in my breath, in the reflection of nature, you are this fire of creation unfolding in me.
Many times we bleed, because the wheels of life have no mercy; but for me you are everything, a gift of joy and glory.
So long I kneeled to the sky, then like a blessing so divine, you came into my life, and it felt like Heaven sighed.
It’s like I’ve known your heart for eons, so perfect in companion, when you come around I feel it,for me there is no question.
Somehow in the words, I know they’re not the thing, I am pouring out my being, hoping you are reading.
God graced me a poet, he gave me verse and pros, he kissed my hands with scroll and pen and told me tell him so.
So in this feeble attempt, to make some sort of sense, I give it all to you, for this is all my truth.

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