Idium, lithium, lethargic motion
Moodswings fed a magic potion
Little children with no emotion
Labled and fed, then put to bed
Follow what the Doctor said.
Attention span hyper, 
How to decifer, his chemical imbalance?
Dinner from a plastic container, microwaved and fed with a synthetic water.
Can you figure out what’s wrong with the daughter?
She’s spent the night rocking in the corner.
Radiations leaking from the mortar in the walls;
Toxic plastic paint in the halls,
Was never tested on animals, so they stamped it eco friendly
Sold it in the stores. Caused some mild sores,  but we kept that behind closed doors.
Government stamp of approval, biohazard removal,
Found it in the schools, yet no one broke the rules.
Someone got paid to be cruel, a place on board of directors
No batteries in smoke detectors, a new strain of flu
a shot of something blue, a baby born deformed, a mother dies from altered corn, a sheep is cloned and cancer is the norm.
A halo formed in the eye of a storm cloud of acid rain.

Corners And Cobwebs

Cast along a concrete moon
Morning drips into afternoon
Don’t cry for me in your empty room
I’m just a shadow in the mirror of you

Corners keep cobwebs like lampshades hide light
In the feathers of your fingers, as a secret took flight
Pages of a story, burning ink of fire
Melts the cover they hid behind, revealing your desire
Visions scorch a pillows trace, in the deepest slumbers vivid grace
I kiss your eyes as you reach for me
These lips become a sanctuary

Crimson stains the roses bed, withered silently in your head
Leave the flowers for the dead, I am the mistress of your bated breath

Eve falls darkly across your face, whispers covet the ears they trace
Touch my soul sweet empathy
As you wake,  I bring to thee
True loves possibilities

Walking The Earth

Choirs of angels bathe you in the light of Shalom
Glow blessed one, for the light of ages encase you in gold
Open is the book of creation, and the sacred scroll
Written is your perfection, by the truth of light
Behind you is SOL, everlasting Sun, oh beautiful one
Touched the grace of God, came to hold the world in your heart
Blessed be the eternal flame, risen in thy hymn
eyes of prisms, universal divinity
Worlds merge in your breath
Wings spread
Drink the waters of life
Present, being, everlasting OM

They come… From the center of Heavens median, two levels open
From beyond, from my heart
I know
Pull me through the realms
9 times tenfold
White luminous pulsations
Oceans of ONE
complete dilation
Radiating… compassion cannot describe the LOVE
I’ll never be the same again
Walking the earth.

Wings Of One

Taken on the wings of one, journey towards the blazing sun
Over the forest and rugged terrain, caught on the rush of the wind and the rain.
I am the moth drawn to the flame
Epicurean, called them by name
From transformation and welcomed change, speak not of evil or wild envy;
The horizon is hidden to those suffering
Beyond time, the pyramids waiting.
Aligned to the golden numbers of a spiral
Cydonia, Orion, cosmic design.
Alpha, Beta, Gamma
Ra, HU and Lemuria
Are all inertia.
On the wings of one, octaves spun, fly into the sun
Never look back

Under The Surface

Under the surface of tide and wave
Deep in the ocean of the lost and wandering
A world is waiting as love’s creating a golden reef
Under belief, flows a moment in time
Taken a shore with a breath of life
A million mysteries
A ship in history
Sailing the universe of open minds

Anchored was truth, but in undertow
The weary of heart lost the ebb and flow
The seahorse will journey in the waves of echo
Dance in the coral of immortal souls
From sea to sky, we swim and fly free
There are stars in the water and above the trees
Luna is reflecting in the liquid reality
Purpose crashes upon the beach

Wandering on the shoreline, is the subtle and sublime
Dive into the imagination
Water is the purification
Life is all interpretation
The Seahorse echos
All emotion
Blue devotion
Serene corrosion
Under the ocean
Into you

Was It A Dream?

Where does my mind go when I dream
Does time alter in this reality?
Do I need my body, do I need to see?
When I whisper, can you hear me?
Voyage of discovery, a place I’ve never been
My feet never touch the ground
In the distance, I feel the sound of electricity
Can you meet me in between breath
A circle of light enters the realm
From my core, the migrations warm and fluid
intuitive and blue, is that you?
Who brings me through this space?
My light begins to race and surge and pulse,
Higher and higher we go
Split into levels of now
Such a vibrant glow
Please don’t let me go
You are so close
No human touch could ever know this
A kiss of souls
A blend of colors
In this space I feel whole
Lifetimes behold and unfold before me
There is no beginning, there is no ending
Just you and me merging like nebulas in the universal sea
Was it real… or was it a dream?

Dear Frankie

Late night phone conversations;
You tell me about your new life, I am always here to listen.
I wish I had all the answers, you have to find your mission.
Hours in the subways, playing for a crowd of strangers;
Now the stage is your mistress,
Your ego is your witness.

What the hell happened to wanting to reach out?
Has the money and fame become what it’s about?
Where is that man, I used to know,
Who woke with a melody and sang to the sparrows?

Do you remember sitting on the floor, bass strings everywhere;
Trying to figure the piano bits Bill Evans hit, in our underwear?
How did we get here?
The road began to split, you went on to follow some dreams;
I can’t be part of it.
I always watch in the shadows, and pray one day you find,
The dreams come true, inside of you,
And make your Spirit shine.
When days turn into madness, when worry stains your brows;
You know that you can call on me, I’ll always be around.
Though our lives took a turn in a different direction;
Our love took on a different dimension;
I still believe in you.
As we live, I will forever forgive,
Hope you find some solid ground.
Don’t lose sight of your gift, don’t waste it on the circus;
All that you create, could change your very fate.
Do it all with passion, make it all from love,
Never lose the truth or compassion;
Or you lose all that you are.

Love Is Silly

Right before my eyes, you brought heaven to earth
Right into my heart, your voice can make me soar
All the colors you paint with your words
All the emotions I feel in each verse
Right before my life in my hands
Appeared the most beautiful man
Was a prayer answered
A loneliness cured
All the angels whisper, as I fall into wonder
Always in awe when we connect, I never expect
This love taught me patience and stillness
Has no conditions
Inspiration flows like fire from my soul
I can’t let go
I need you to know
I am grateful
You’re amazing
You drive me crazy, I would not trade it
For anything

Anymore (Spirit Please)

This will be the death of me
This pain has no mercy
How can it be, all the love I see
All that came to be, is drowning me?

Slowly the water rises, I see you standing at the shore
You held out your hands, but pushed me down
Was a shock that left me to forget how to float
But there I stood
I never let go
Even when you did
The waves come crashing
Felt my soul thrashing
My heart took a lashing
I never gave up hope

All this time, you heard me calling
Was not just me falling
You tossed the rope
You began to pull
I did not know what to do
All this time, was it me reaching you?

Yes, I’ve cried, cause it hurts sometimes
Does not make me lost or not know where to go
Makes me honest

I speak my soul
The verse is all I know, how to let it flow
But the ocean is taking a toll
I cannot make it over the hull
In the last breath, I tell you I love you
The fire needs a fuel
The swell of the sea is taking me
Breaking me
Shaking me like a river does a tree
You meant everything to me
But my hands are weak
Can’t hold on, I cannot see
Left me for the sand to keep

Kiss my soul to stop me from crying?
Is this the kiss that left me dying inside then?

I promise Spirit as I weep, i’ll never hurt another being
I promise with all I am, never will I ask again
Sacred Spirit, all creation, all of heaven, all salvation
Please, bring me home
I cannot do this alone anymore

The Face Of God

Are we not the divine faces of God?
Have we not thy will and flame of truth burning in thy heart?
By the hands of all creation, set forth onto man is journey of thy Christos.
Set no foot on this earth with ill intent or thou shall be veiled. Beneath thy veil is the mission and mastery of thy perfection.
Seek not, for the wind is thy breath;
In thy breath cometh birth.
For in this birth of breath lay the stillness God bestows.
From thy stillness comes witness.
Man becomes God.
Death is the resurrection of Christos from man.
Walking this earth are the illusions of time and mortality.
Gathered in thy sorrows are the whispers of surrender.
In these dark waters lay the foundations of freedom.
No book speaks all God’s truth, no mind can unfold the mysteries.
To seek truth is to separate from creation, from God.
For this is impossible as we are all one.
Look around you, each of you.
God came here to learn, many lessons at once.
Streams of light illuminate the path of truth.
Beyond the veil are the eyes of awareness.
Once it is so, the veil is lifted, in stillness;
The heart is the center of everything.
The universe begins in the heart.
The flame of life burns as part of the Ovoid of light slowly turning as we return to the Source.
Open the gates of thy heart and in it you will find the Christos.
Many worlds that  always have been and always will be become clear.
The souls true vibration radiates the perfection.
Heaven on earth, as above, so below.
It is the will of God, of man, of creation.
Come home, Spirit is calling each, let us hear and return in peace.

What If

If we knew the world would come heavy on our shoulders.
If we knew the trials and sadness.
If we knew how we would see our loved ones fall,
Would we still have come to life at all?
If we knew the pain of separation,
If we knew the soul would feel starvation,
Would we still have come to find a true salvation,
Would we have chosen to come to life at all?
If we knew sometimes we’d have no answers,
If we knew about the shootings or the cancers,
If we knew there was no happy ever after,
would we still have come to life at all?
Could you believe we were that strong, that we really knew all along.
We trusted, that every time we call, there would be love, to help us climb the walls.
If we knew all the mistakes we’d have to make
If we knew the pain would make us break
If we knew the fear would grab a hold
Would we still, have come to life at all?
Truth is my friend, we knew before we got here.
About the losses and the spinning of the wheels.
We loved each other oh so very much,
we came together;
to heal.
Those who hurt us so, in the eternal glow of compassion;
Will welcome us home, in the ever after.
There’s no holding on to the pain of lessons learned here,
These are just moments, we asked Spirit to experience.
When we must say farewell, to those that leave this earth for now,
Always know, when we hold on to our sorrows,
They cannot reach us with this pure love that they feel;
They need us to move through our tomorrows.
To raise them up, to celebrate their souls;
We made that promise to them, we would carry on.
Be still, they will always guide us.
Never far away,
Their light is just inside us.
Shine so bright my friend, let them see your glory;
They brought you here,
knowing all you would be.
Show them thanks, by singing all the beauty.
So, now what if we knew all the reasons?
What if we knew life would change like seasons?
What if we knew the truth could set us free?
Would you still be you, would I still be me?
Would we still have chosen to come to life and see?
We would, cause this is why we came to be.

Meant To Be

The air is still, heavy in the moment
Crossed wires, cross connection
Move across the ground, rise into sound
Blow me over

Each sonic step, is a static intonation
A siren looms from a lotus bloom, spinning out of orbit
Take my hand, close your eyes, open your mind
I am your kind

Come be yourself, no explanations
Free to create, because we are creation
Free to fly, because our worlds dilation
Free to question, free to answer
I will understand, because I am the balance

Come home to me, let me cover you in peace
Weary heart, this is where to start
God brought this unity

Don’t stay in the shackles of guilt, a life that others built
You are the sun, I am the rain
Together we are the perfection of nature

Everything guides us here
I have compassion for your fears
I was once like you, trying to work things through
Living bound and chained, to someone elses pain
Why are you holding on, when life will always change?
Right before you now, in the present breath
Everything you need, is holding out her hands
Willing to take the risk

No beginning is easy, no ending is in vain
Healing our hearts is the truth
When two are meant to be

Silence Is Not Being Still

What is of this great silence many speak?
For silence and stillness are not the same.
In stillness there is no self, no thought, no motion, not emotion nor lack there of.
Stillness is directly there. Now; what is.
Sacred, truth.
Silence, can be many things. Some use silence as control. Some use silence to feel peace. Some believe silence is golden. Silence creates more noise in a mind when a soul is not still. How so? A soul that does not have stillness tries to fill space with silence. We return silence in not knowing how to answer or to not inflict pain onto others. This takes great amounts of thought. This is action. There is no stillness in silence. What is in silence is learning to listen inward to the self. In silence we can experience directly emotion and sensations. Within silence we can hear energy and other levels and layers of ourselves and others that ‘noise’ drowns out. It is in silence we hear self, learn about self, experience self.
In stillness there is no self to experience. There is no separation from anything. There is deep benediction and truth. For in stillness there is no need for silence. The mind cannot be in any action to experience stillness. Silence is self noticing what is not, stillness is always present, its creation, nature, love, beauty, truth. We ‘be still’ we must ‘listen’ for the silence, or notice ‘it’s silent.’ There is a difference.

The Changes (new home and degrees)

I have moved forward and decided to get a house.  I let it unfold the way it was supposed to. I love the sea and the house is about 10 houses from the sea. There is some work to be done, but I have the passion to fix it up. I love trees and will plant beautiful flowers. The children are beaming. I feel the peace there. The reservation is around the street and many families with young children.  I was quite honored to also find in my mailbox, both my certifications I had taken National tests for, I am grateful for this chance to carve a new life. For in the unknown hours of life, when we cannot see beyond fear or the painful lessons, come the blessings and understanding of the love and light of living. Healing!

The Shores Of Trinity(a poem to Spirit)

So called the sea, the mistress of my fate
Bring me to your gates, pull me by a string
The prisms cascade on each wave
Under the liquid energy, thrives a world much the same
Tranquil and majestic.
Under the perfection of light reflection they live.

Roar does the ocean
transfixed me in motion
To the surface comes emotions
Drown the moments

Songbirds cry
I take flight
Left this world behind
On the uplifting rush of the wind and the hush
I am carried

What do you ask of me?
How can I be of service to humanity?
You help me to believe
The miracles come directly
Always in mercy

Why am I here?
Who am I; can you make it clear?
I stay true to the journey
Never questioned your reasons
I kneel in humility
I go where you send me
I learn what you ask me
I observe each new day

Magnificent configuration of a master plan
My breath is in your hands
Way off from the land, is the silent promise
This is the time to find it
I am here
On the shores of no boundaries
Come forth to me
Let down pillars of thy heart
The city of hope shatters like a falling star
Let us be who we are
Finally uniting