The Shores Of Trinity(a poem to Spirit)

So called the sea, the mistress of my fate
Bring me to your gates, pull me by a string
The prisms cascade on each wave
Under the liquid energy, thrives a world much the same
Tranquil and majestic.
Under the perfection of light reflection they live.

Roar does the ocean
transfixed me in motion
To the surface comes emotions
Drown the moments

Songbirds cry
I take flight
Left this world behind
On the uplifting rush of the wind and the hush
I am carried

What do you ask of me?
How can I be of service to humanity?
You help me to believe
The miracles come directly
Always in mercy

Why am I here?
Who am I; can you make it clear?
I stay true to the journey
Never questioned your reasons
I kneel in humility
I go where you send me
I learn what you ask me
I observe each new day

Magnificent configuration of a master plan
My breath is in your hands
Way off from the land, is the silent promise
This is the time to find it
I am here
On the shores of no boundaries
Come forth to me
Let down pillars of thy heart
The city of hope shatters like a falling star
Let us be who we are
Finally uniting


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