Silence Is Not Being Still

What is of this great silence many speak?
For silence and stillness are not the same.
In stillness there is no self, no thought, no motion, not emotion nor lack there of.
Stillness is directly there. Now; what is.
Sacred, truth.
Silence, can be many things. Some use silence as control. Some use silence to feel peace. Some believe silence is golden. Silence creates more noise in a mind when a soul is not still. How so? A soul that does not have stillness tries to fill space with silence. We return silence in not knowing how to answer or to not inflict pain onto others. This takes great amounts of thought. This is action. There is no stillness in silence. What is in silence is learning to listen inward to the self. In silence we can experience directly emotion and sensations. Within silence we can hear energy and other levels and layers of ourselves and others that ‘noise’ drowns out. It is in silence we hear self, learn about self, experience self.
In stillness there is no self to experience. There is no separation from anything. There is deep benediction and truth. For in stillness there is no need for silence. The mind cannot be in any action to experience stillness. Silence is self noticing what is not, stillness is always present, its creation, nature, love, beauty, truth. We ‘be still’ we must ‘listen’ for the silence, or notice ‘it’s silent.’ There is a difference.


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