Meant To Be

The air is still, heavy in the moment
Crossed wires, cross connection
Move across the ground, rise into sound
Blow me over

Each sonic step, is a static intonation
A siren looms from a lotus bloom, spinning out of orbit
Take my hand, close your eyes, open your mind
I am your kind

Come be yourself, no explanations
Free to create, because we are creation
Free to fly, because our worlds dilation
Free to question, free to answer
I will understand, because I am the balance

Come home to me, let me cover you in peace
Weary heart, this is where to start
God brought this unity

Don’t stay in the shackles of guilt, a life that others built
You are the sun, I am the rain
Together we are the perfection of nature

Everything guides us here
I have compassion for your fears
I was once like you, trying to work things through
Living bound and chained, to someone elses pain
Why are you holding on, when life will always change?
Right before you now, in the present breath
Everything you need, is holding out her hands
Willing to take the risk

No beginning is easy, no ending is in vain
Healing our hearts is the truth
When two are meant to be


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