What If

If we knew the world would come heavy on our shoulders.
If we knew the trials and sadness.
If we knew how we would see our loved ones fall,
Would we still have come to life at all?
If we knew the pain of separation,
If we knew the soul would feel starvation,
Would we still have come to find a true salvation,
Would we have chosen to come to life at all?
If we knew sometimes we’d have no answers,
If we knew about the shootings or the cancers,
If we knew there was no happy ever after,
would we still have come to life at all?
Could you believe we were that strong, that we really knew all along.
We trusted, that every time we call, there would be love, to help us climb the walls.
If we knew all the mistakes we’d have to make
If we knew the pain would make us break
If we knew the fear would grab a hold
Would we still, have come to life at all?
Truth is my friend, we knew before we got here.
About the losses and the spinning of the wheels.
We loved each other oh so very much,
we came together;
to heal.
Those who hurt us so, in the eternal glow of compassion;
Will welcome us home, in the ever after.
There’s no holding on to the pain of lessons learned here,
These are just moments, we asked Spirit to experience.
When we must say farewell, to those that leave this earth for now,
Always know, when we hold on to our sorrows,
They cannot reach us with this pure love that they feel;
They need us to move through our tomorrows.
To raise them up, to celebrate their souls;
We made that promise to them, we would carry on.
Be still, they will always guide us.
Never far away,
Their light is just inside us.
Shine so bright my friend, let them see your glory;
They brought you here,
knowing all you would be.
Show them thanks, by singing all the beauty.
So, now what if we knew all the reasons?
What if we knew life would change like seasons?
What if we knew the truth could set us free?
Would you still be you, would I still be me?
Would we still have chosen to come to life and see?
We would, cause this is why we came to be.


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