The Face Of God

Are we not the divine faces of God?
Have we not thy will and flame of truth burning in thy heart?
By the hands of all creation, set forth onto man is journey of thy Christos.
Set no foot on this earth with ill intent or thou shall be veiled. Beneath thy veil is the mission and mastery of thy perfection.
Seek not, for the wind is thy breath;
In thy breath cometh birth.
For in this birth of breath lay the stillness God bestows.
From thy stillness comes witness.
Man becomes God.
Death is the resurrection of Christos from man.
Walking this earth are the illusions of time and mortality.
Gathered in thy sorrows are the whispers of surrender.
In these dark waters lay the foundations of freedom.
No book speaks all God’s truth, no mind can unfold the mysteries.
To seek truth is to separate from creation, from God.
For this is impossible as we are all one.
Look around you, each of you.
God came here to learn, many lessons at once.
Streams of light illuminate the path of truth.
Beyond the veil are the eyes of awareness.
Once it is so, the veil is lifted, in stillness;
The heart is the center of everything.
The universe begins in the heart.
The flame of life burns as part of the Ovoid of light slowly turning as we return to the Source.
Open the gates of thy heart and in it you will find the Christos.
Many worlds that  always have been and always will be become clear.
The souls true vibration radiates the perfection.
Heaven on earth, as above, so below.
It is the will of God, of man, of creation.
Come home, Spirit is calling each, let us hear and return in peace.


One thought on “The Face Of God

  1. This evening the light of your heart has touched my soul as a bird kisses the wind of spring. It discovers the joy of flight to be shared. I give you thanks for sharing these words of truth. In you I see the face of GOD shine. In you I am learning to fly…Thanks

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