Anymore (Spirit Please)

This will be the death of me
This pain has no mercy
How can it be, all the love I see
All that came to be, is drowning me?

Slowly the water rises, I see you standing at the shore
You held out your hands, but pushed me down
Was a shock that left me to forget how to float
But there I stood
I never let go
Even when you did
The waves come crashing
Felt my soul thrashing
My heart took a lashing
I never gave up hope

All this time, you heard me calling
Was not just me falling
You tossed the rope
You began to pull
I did not know what to do
All this time, was it me reaching you?

Yes, I’ve cried, cause it hurts sometimes
Does not make me lost or not know where to go
Makes me honest

I speak my soul
The verse is all I know, how to let it flow
But the ocean is taking a toll
I cannot make it over the hull
In the last breath, I tell you I love you
The fire needs a fuel
The swell of the sea is taking me
Breaking me
Shaking me like a river does a tree
You meant everything to me
But my hands are weak
Can’t hold on, I cannot see
Left me for the sand to keep

Kiss my soul to stop me from crying?
Is this the kiss that left me dying inside then?

I promise Spirit as I weep, i’ll never hurt another being
I promise with all I am, never will I ask again
Sacred Spirit, all creation, all of heaven, all salvation
Please, bring me home
I cannot do this alone anymore


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