Dear Frankie

Late night phone conversations;
You tell me about your new life, I am always here to listen.
I wish I had all the answers, you have to find your mission.
Hours in the subways, playing for a crowd of strangers;
Now the stage is your mistress,
Your ego is your witness.

What the hell happened to wanting to reach out?
Has the money and fame become what it’s about?
Where is that man, I used to know,
Who woke with a melody and sang to the sparrows?

Do you remember sitting on the floor, bass strings everywhere;
Trying to figure the piano bits Bill Evans hit, in our underwear?
How did we get here?
The road began to split, you went on to follow some dreams;
I can’t be part of it.
I always watch in the shadows, and pray one day you find,
The dreams come true, inside of you,
And make your Spirit shine.
When days turn into madness, when worry stains your brows;
You know that you can call on me, I’ll always be around.
Though our lives took a turn in a different direction;
Our love took on a different dimension;
I still believe in you.
As we live, I will forever forgive,
Hope you find some solid ground.
Don’t lose sight of your gift, don’t waste it on the circus;
All that you create, could change your very fate.
Do it all with passion, make it all from love,
Never lose the truth or compassion;
Or you lose all that you are.


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