Was It A Dream?

Where does my mind go when I dream
Does time alter in this reality?
Do I need my body, do I need to see?
When I whisper, can you hear me?
Voyage of discovery, a place I’ve never been
My feet never touch the ground
In the distance, I feel the sound of electricity
Can you meet me in between breath
A circle of light enters the realm
From my core, the migrations warm and fluid
intuitive and blue, is that you?
Who brings me through this space?
My light begins to race and surge and pulse,
Higher and higher we go
Split into levels of now
Such a vibrant glow
Please don’t let me go
You are so close
No human touch could ever know this
A kiss of souls
A blend of colors
In this space I feel whole
Lifetimes behold and unfold before me
There is no beginning, there is no ending
Just you and me merging like nebulas in the universal sea
Was it real… or was it a dream?


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