Idium, lithium, lethargic motion
Moodswings fed a magic potion
Little children with no emotion
Labled and fed, then put to bed
Follow what the Doctor said.
Attention span hyper, 
How to decifer, his chemical imbalance?
Dinner from a plastic container, microwaved and fed with a synthetic water.
Can you figure out what’s wrong with the daughter?
She’s spent the night rocking in the corner.
Radiations leaking from the mortar in the walls;
Toxic plastic paint in the halls,
Was never tested on animals, so they stamped it eco friendly
Sold it in the stores. Caused some mild sores,  but we kept that behind closed doors.
Government stamp of approval, biohazard removal,
Found it in the schools, yet no one broke the rules.
Someone got paid to be cruel, a place on board of directors
No batteries in smoke detectors, a new strain of flu
a shot of something blue, a baby born deformed, a mother dies from altered corn, a sheep is cloned and cancer is the norm.
A halo formed in the eye of a storm cloud of acid rain.


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