Corners And Cobwebs

Cast along a concrete moon
Morning drips into afternoon
Don’t cry for me in your empty room
I’m just a shadow in the mirror of you

Corners keep cobwebs like lampshades hide light
In the feathers of your fingers, as a secret took flight
Pages of a story, burning ink of fire
Melts the cover they hid behind, revealing your desire
Visions scorch a pillows trace, in the deepest slumbers vivid grace
I kiss your eyes as you reach for me
These lips become a sanctuary

Crimson stains the roses bed, withered silently in your head
Leave the flowers for the dead, I am the mistress of your bated breath

Eve falls darkly across your face, whispers covet the ears they trace
Touch my soul sweet empathy
As you wake,  I bring to thee
True loves possibilities


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