Walking The Earth

Choirs of angels bathe you in the light of Shalom
Glow blessed one, for the light of ages encase you in gold
Open is the book of creation, and the sacred scroll
Written is your perfection, by the truth of light
Behind you is SOL, everlasting Sun, oh beautiful one
Touched the grace of God, came to hold the world in your heart
Blessed be the eternal flame, risen in thy hymn
eyes of prisms, universal divinity
Worlds merge in your breath
Wings spread
Drink the waters of life
Present, being, everlasting OM

They come… From the center of Heavens median, two levels open
From beyond, from my heart
I know
Pull me through the realms
9 times tenfold
White luminous pulsations
Oceans of ONE
complete dilation
Radiating… compassion cannot describe the LOVE
I’ll never be the same again
Walking the earth.


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