The Story Of Mundane

Woke up early Monday morning, coffee brewing, paper on the table;

Traffic and weather tuned in on the radio.

What happens from here to there?

Blank stare, some frequency bare?

Fists clenching cases, the rats run the races, no time to spare.

I observe the drone, the repetitive nature of the home owner.

Drive plastic cars, to get plastic money, hi-fi tv and cable ready!

Is it steady, is it stable, never at the dinner table anymore?

Overtime has you by the balls?

Went shopping at the super mall, the supermarket, have no money? It’s OK will charge it!

Bills to follow; better button that collar and get to the office!

Push some buttons, call some clients, kiss some ass, do some lying – cause who’s gonna know?

Day over, sit in traffic, stop at the burger joint and drive to the window,  is that meat in the rapper? You think as you swallow.

Where is the downtime? Did you ever look up? Did you notice the seeds grew you planted in the yard? Did you laugh today? Did your kids go out to play? Nothing to say, cause you’re oh so tired.

Eyes look drawn and wired.

Stress, takes a toll.

Heart starts to go.

Everyone watches you fall.

You hear the distant call…

When you return, the dream burns to the ground.

Life IS all around, welcome to who you really are.

Changes come fast, filled with all your purpose,

Nothing like before, you walked through  door and will never lose the key.

A whole other world, love is like a bird, now you are free.

Give thanks for the blessing,

Share the message with all you meet.

Help change others lives, from the blank to the light, bring the other side through.

Walk without fear, everything is clear now, look back on the old you.

Now never turn around, feet on the ground, heart in the sky.

Never ask why, just fly…


Here I stand, under the ball of fire is the sky, under the universe, in the center of creation.

The median of time of purpose, Face to face, light to light.

I am you, you are me, no separation.

Hands raise on high,  I speak to thee;

Absorb me, reach onto this earth and devour me.

I have become agony to humanity, the gifts you gave me, in ignorance

I have caused much suffering.

The love that spun  the lotus wide, the words that came from the depth of night,

Why did you not burn my hands and eyes!

This moment is in my hands, in my compassion for man,

I release my light to the sun.

I cut the golden cord, I turn the violet flame to stone.

The final act of love, I turn from all I am.

Far Away

Hold on angel, cause here we go!

Welcome to the puppet show!

They will mess with your heart, and toy with your head,

You better stay grounded or you’ll break in a mess.

These puppet masters will make you dance, feed off your energy and into the depth of your soul.

Don’t lose who you are.

So innocent angel, there is truth in your eyes, the faith is your fountain,

Never living a lie, you soon will fly.

Bask in the virtue of simplicity, the puppet masters blind in complexity.

What you speak, is what you do, integrity will always surround you.

Live in wonder, love in awe, angel know you are never alone.

Though you cannot see me, I am holding you close.

Do not forget, do not forsake, before you came, we were everything.

Here is the kiss to wake the dream, Come home to me.

I am the stream of endless light, the eclipse of the sun, the only ONE to keep the promise.

I reach from the deep. beyond eternity, I pull you like gravity to dilate your eyes.

Let the strings sever, on this day, never shall you be a  puppet again.

I will guide you, I will not hide from you anymore.

Glory be, you have the key, be brave in mercy. hand in hand with me.


My life beats, as wild as the sea

No hands can hold me, I am free

No dawn breaks and no sun leaves beneath the sky

I stop asking why, I just breathe.

Soft notes cascade like parchment torn in pieces around my soul

I am the effervescent flow of all

Dancing like moist clouds dripping on treetops

Silently caressing wounded hearts, passing time.

My fingers trace words and sound permeates energy.

My life is pure improvision, till the moment ends.

Intergalatic Maze

Break away, drift apart

Tune her out of a beating heart.

The stars still shine, when the sky does fall

The galaxy calls…

subtle chaos, makeshift moments

Silent answers, never own it.

What would you do, if I knocked on your door?

Just leave me wondering the impossible.

But the galaxy calls.

Dark matter, magnetic patterns, solar explosions,

A souls corrosion – that moment of emotion, let her fall.

In the whirl of the winds, in the spiral of the storm

The galactic maze, will bring me back home.


Scared (face the fear)

slipping slowly from fingertips, the truth I thought I understood.

There is no pain or fear greater than this, created in my moment.

Everything feels distant, abstract and slow motion.

The nightmares turn to oceans and typhoons around me.

How can I ground thee, if there is no foundation?

I’m falling fast, I cannot grasp my will.

The ocean spills into my eyes, I am blind, I am sorry.

As the mornings come, it’s hard to wake, I forgot my place here.

Facing this fear of losing this love is more than I can bear.

Blew my mind to shreds,  but was it ever really there?

I thought you cared, I wanted you to, that’s where I failed.

I drove the nails, that crucified my light.

Only God’s hands can hold me now.


In the exalted light of being, comes the faces of those gone

They reach like madness, in the depth of sadness to break the chains

Calling your name, the angels are demons, your darkest fears

Lonely years, a taste of tears do not fear, this will heal.

This is mercy, compassion for light everlasting

The final challenge of the will of man

To look in your hands and understand,

Transition is a blessing, the soul progressing into perfection

The intersection of Heaven, the ego is resting now

Does not matter how, why or when

You are not alone, all creation kisses your soul

I will stand at the thresh hold and love you for eternity

The Whisper


A whisper,
makes you want to look into the eyes of the voice,
That drips down your spine,
Into your world.
It feeds the imagination.
A whisper covers your ears,
in scarlet lusting.
It seeps into your mind.
makes you crave touch,
Whispers bare the hidden lust.
They leave you waiting,
With baited breath.
Soft voice, caressing words.
Test the tongue.
Challenge your will.
Melodic temptation.
Syllables linger in meditation on your soul.
     A whisper   
changes everything…

Dark Waters (written 4/22/2006)


In this moment, this one lingering moment
What was buried deep, swam to the surface.
It was from the darkest waters, waters we never tried to swim.
The waves casting silver kaleidoscope droplets on my eyes.
I stood weak on the shore,
Holding back tears, holding back years I lost.
The tide ran long, way out to the horizon.
It drew me forth, I kneel in the warmth of the sands of time.
Bow in solace, the mist of silence falls over me.
In the distance, reason calls.
This moment cannot go ignored.
It rushes around, like undertow,
I tried to guide it, change the flow.
But life was cruel, and waters cold,
Over my head, the moment goes.
Soar, like azure velvet skies,
Claim the sun, catch the wind,
This moment was everything.
But, you never showed.



The Compass

I close my eyes, take a deep breath,

Lines and directions come forward;

In my soul is a compass.

Designing and forming  structures of fate,

Circumfrence and diameter perfecty alligned;

Equations and proportions are endless.

I’m building lifetimes.

I am present, on a thousands points of light.

The compass spins, so does my vision.

Let the parchment be your guide, maped to PI;

I sail across the torential sea, oh nocturna!

Rigid and cold the waves ride high,

Onward I travel under the cosmic sky.

A million miles rewind and press on.

The compass breaks the dawn of life.

I’m a figment of my own mind.

A thought, a sentiment, an emotion, a distant cry.

A circle in time.

Work On Me

Here I am, bare in your hands
My God, yet have I to ask of you
Always I have known this life is choice
Always I have taken each step, without fear

Here I am, many lessons came to pass
My God, yet have I to turn my back on challenge
Always I have risen through the pain
Always I have given thanks for each glory and blessing

My God, today I beg, here on my knees
A child in your arms, in a world with no mercy
Here I am, would you still work on me
So someone would see a spark in me

Always I keep my heart open
I promise to love unconditional
To cherish beyond words, never to hurt or be selfish
For in your compassion, you gave me humility
You gave me honesty, you taught me humble and peace
In the long nights and unknown days of severe change
You taught me breathe

My God, time has come to pass, in my weakness finally I ask in prayer
Send me someone to care, to hold, to lift up, to flow, to laugh, to create, to understand, on this journey
My God, please help me be worthy of such a gift
I see now from all the lessons how beautiful it is
To share a life
I have learned to forgive with all I am
Never to expect, the importance of patience
In my solemn word, from my very soul, from all I am
For once I ask to experience sharing love
From all above, from the wind and great seas
God, work on me please, so I can be worthy

Sun And Rain

You are the sun, I am the rain.
I wash away the old & pains, you shine the healing and bring new beginnings.
We are perfection by the grace of God.
Across the eons, like a magnet, we are drawn together.
This miracle is for the purest intention of love.
In this bond, the light will reach into the lives of many and be seen from the thrones of Heaven;
blessed are we.
This life I understand now.
To be of service to others, we must experience all sides and fragments of our incarnations.
Many lives we are living at once in this dimension.
Many levels.
Guided, for the compassion to help humanity.
Humbled, in humility and divine truth, Spirit, I am home.

Thy Will Be Done

It is now 8:13 am May 2, 2010

In sincere benediction, from the core of the soul;
Brought to the surface, what was hidden so long;
Thy will be done.
Beside you, brethren  peace, forthright and true.
Ask not for answers, but to heal within you.
Unknown to the mind is the contrast of emotions;
These devotions are seen and understood.
Love fills thy heart, this you know.
Unfolded from the layers, worn is thy will,
Honor thy wishes?
What the mind screams to soul, brash and harrowing torture!
Why I ask thee?
Are you not made from earth, the mortar of light and breath as I? Do you not weep tears of oceans and bathe within the sun of all Sons?
For your lonely heart lay in your faithful hands dear one.
In the meadows and fields of silence, there is creation.
Is creation what you search for direction?
Creation simply IS dear one.
In this solitude we become part of everything.
For what you ask, rejoice!
Much has come to pass in these dark days.
Kneel at the foot of broken dreams, shattered life and the borders of will.
A great blessing bestowed onto thee.
For what you believed to be freedom, shall now come to pass.
True freedom, from the past.
WE need you present to reach.
Dear one, there is a flame in thy heart, there is a road with many turns ahead.
Walk barefoot, open your hands for others to hold.
When you look to the sky, look also before you.
As above, so below.
Do not feel alone, do not seek refuge within the waters of doubt and sorrow.
Begin your journey, thy will be done.