Sun And Rain

You are the sun, I am the rain.
I wash away the old & pains, you shine the healing and bring new beginnings.
We are perfection by the grace of God.
Across the eons, like a magnet, we are drawn together.
This miracle is for the purest intention of love.
In this bond, the light will reach into the lives of many and be seen from the thrones of Heaven;
blessed are we.
This life I understand now.
To be of service to others, we must experience all sides and fragments of our incarnations.
Many lives we are living at once in this dimension.
Many levels.
Guided, for the compassion to help humanity.
Humbled, in humility and divine truth, Spirit, I am home.


2 thoughts on “Sun And Rain

  1. Oh wow, wonderful words. I went shivery after the 1st 3 lines, then I got a bit tearful (oh well u know me!)
    Thanks u for sharing
    Suz x

    • From my heart, thank you for al the kindness. You have been a big inspiration as of late for me. This is a special poem for me, so I am very honored it moved you in some way. All my love and light to you.

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