Thy Will Be Done

It is now 8:13 am May 2, 2010

In sincere benediction, from the core of the soul;
Brought to the surface, what was hidden so long;
Thy will be done.
Beside you, brethren  peace, forthright and true.
Ask not for answers, but to heal within you.
Unknown to the mind is the contrast of emotions;
These devotions are seen and understood.
Love fills thy heart, this you know.
Unfolded from the layers, worn is thy will,
Honor thy wishes?
What the mind screams to soul, brash and harrowing torture!
Why I ask thee?
Are you not made from earth, the mortar of light and breath as I? Do you not weep tears of oceans and bathe within the sun of all Sons?
For your lonely heart lay in your faithful hands dear one.
In the meadows and fields of silence, there is creation.
Is creation what you search for direction?
Creation simply IS dear one.
In this solitude we become part of everything.
For what you ask, rejoice!
Much has come to pass in these dark days.
Kneel at the foot of broken dreams, shattered life and the borders of will.
A great blessing bestowed onto thee.
For what you believed to be freedom, shall now come to pass.
True freedom, from the past.
WE need you present to reach.
Dear one, there is a flame in thy heart, there is a road with many turns ahead.
Walk barefoot, open your hands for others to hold.
When you look to the sky, look also before you.
As above, so below.
Do not feel alone, do not seek refuge within the waters of doubt and sorrow.
Begin your journey, thy will be done.


4 thoughts on “Thy Will Be Done

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  2. The Journey
    By Joseph Anthony
    Inspired by Thy Will Be Done

    A Great Sound drew her into the night. It called her to go deeper into the darkness, deeper into the tapestry of shadows. It was unlike anything she had ever heard. And as she strode further into the fields of darkness, she began to see a Light, and—wonder of wonders–the Light was the Sound. It was as if there was a giant bell ringing in the night, and the resounding tones thrummed Light all around her. It rained Light and Sound. It poured over her like the wind of a thousand Chinese fans. And then she heard it for the first time: Thy Will be done. It was a Voice coming from somewhere in the darkness. Thy Will be done.

    And as she neared the Source of the Sound, she continued to draw back veil after veil of silken shadows, reaching far into the folds of the darkness, searching. Thy Will be done.

    And then another revelation dawned—and it nearly took her breath away—the Sound was not outside–the Sound was coming from within her! She wasn’t exploring the darkness outside; she was traveling through the dark passageways inside. And the Sound of the Light was guiding her. And so she kept moving. Thy Will be done.

    As she did, she felt gently nudged by unseen wings–feathery yet strong. She sensed mountains hidden in the surrounding landscape watching over her, ready to lift their great skirts and dance away if she asked them to, so great was her growing faith. Thy Will be done.

    And lining the edges of the path angels appeared holding candles and standing shoulder to shoulder. As she passed among them they began singing songs of blessing and forgiveness that sent the last of the darkness shimmering away.

    And after the Moon disappeared behind a silvery mist, giving way to the Sun, she began exploring the gardens and mansions that revealed themselves in her own soul. Thy Will be done.

    And then she saw Him.

    He was moving towards her like the very breath of Spring. She found herself running, weeping for sheer joy and relief. A longing, unfettered and boundless, rose from deep within her heart. And as she neared Him she could see He was smiling, and she could hear Him laughing and His laugher was the Source of both the Light and the Sound. He was the Morning Itself. He was Music Itself. He was the Holy Child of Light and Harmony. He was the Bright, Morning Star, and the Gift of Peace.

    And when He reached her, He smiled up into her tear-filled eyes, and said, “Thy will be done. For you are a Child of God. You are a Princess of Light. What is your desire?”

    And she wept, kneeling before Him.

    “You,” she said, “I just want to be with You.”

    “Thy will be done.” He knodded taking her by the hand.

    And so they walked together into vast villages of paradise and beauty. And as they did, she rejoiced, for she had grown into a child herself, and–holy of holies–she was Home.

    • Tears from deep, beyond a space of words or time flow. The most healing waters of life flow. An Angel. A heart of resonant tones and gold. Walking the path and giving humanity a gift. In your compassion, there is the face of Spirit. Your kiss of Spirit shines. From all I am, my gratitude for the immaculate light you have shared with me. In awe. Much healing light and love to you Angel.

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