Work On Me

Here I am, bare in your hands
My God, yet have I to ask of you
Always I have known this life is choice
Always I have taken each step, without fear

Here I am, many lessons came to pass
My God, yet have I to turn my back on challenge
Always I have risen through the pain
Always I have given thanks for each glory and blessing

My God, today I beg, here on my knees
A child in your arms, in a world with no mercy
Here I am, would you still work on me
So someone would see a spark in me

Always I keep my heart open
I promise to love unconditional
To cherish beyond words, never to hurt or be selfish
For in your compassion, you gave me humility
You gave me honesty, you taught me humble and peace
In the long nights and unknown days of severe change
You taught me breathe

My God, time has come to pass, in my weakness finally I ask in prayer
Send me someone to care, to hold, to lift up, to flow, to laugh, to create, to understand, on this journey
My God, please help me be worthy of such a gift
I see now from all the lessons how beautiful it is
To share a life
I have learned to forgive with all I am
Never to expect, the importance of patience
In my solemn word, from my very soul, from all I am
For once I ask to experience sharing love
From all above, from the wind and great seas
God, work on me please, so I can be worthy


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