Dark Waters (written 4/22/2006)


In this moment, this one lingering moment
What was buried deep, swam to the surface.
It was from the darkest waters, waters we never tried to swim.
The waves casting silver kaleidoscope droplets on my eyes.
I stood weak on the shore,
Holding back tears, holding back years I lost.
The tide ran long, way out to the horizon.
It drew me forth, I kneel in the warmth of the sands of time.
Bow in solace, the mist of silence falls over me.
In the distance, reason calls.
This moment cannot go ignored.
It rushes around, like undertow,
I tried to guide it, change the flow.
But life was cruel, and waters cold,
Over my head, the moment goes.
Soar, like azure velvet skies,
Claim the sun, catch the wind,
This moment was everything.
But, you never showed.



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