Scared (face the fear)

slipping slowly from fingertips, the truth I thought I understood.

There is no pain or fear greater than this, created in my moment.

Everything feels distant, abstract and slow motion.

The nightmares turn to oceans and typhoons around me.

How can I ground thee, if there is no foundation?

I’m falling fast, I cannot grasp my will.

The ocean spills into my eyes, I am blind, I am sorry.

As the mornings come, it’s hard to wake, I forgot my place here.

Facing this fear of losing this love is more than I can bear.

Blew my mind to shreds,  but was it ever really there?

I thought you cared, I wanted you to, that’s where I failed.

I drove the nails, that crucified my light.

Only God’s hands can hold me now.

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