Far Away

Hold on angel, cause here we go!

Welcome to the puppet show!

They will mess with your heart, and toy with your head,

You better stay grounded or you’ll break in a mess.

These puppet masters will make you dance, feed off your energy and into the depth of your soul.

Don’t lose who you are.

So innocent angel, there is truth in your eyes, the faith is your fountain,

Never living a lie, you soon will fly.

Bask in the virtue of simplicity, the puppet masters blind in complexity.

What you speak, is what you do, integrity will always surround you.

Live in wonder, love in awe, angel know you are never alone.

Though you cannot see me, I am holding you close.

Do not forget, do not forsake, before you came, we were everything.

Here is the kiss to wake the dream, Come home to me.

I am the stream of endless light, the eclipse of the sun, the only ONE to keep the promise.

I reach from the deep. beyond eternity, I pull you like gravity to dilate your eyes.

Let the strings sever, on this day, never shall you be a  puppet again.

I will guide you, I will not hide from you anymore.

Glory be, you have the key, be brave in mercy. hand in hand with me.


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